Department of Chemistry Biochemistry


Emeritus Regents' Professor and Research Professor
Ph.D., University of Bristol, 1958

  Office: PSC 206  
  Fax: (480) 965-2747

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Research and Teaching Interests

The structure of ASU-16 - a germanium oxide material of exceptionally low framework density

My research is mainly concerned with the structure and properties of crystalline inorganic solids. I am no longer directing experimental research or taking on graduate students but have many active collaborations with groups at ASU and elsewhere. Recent work has focused particularly on the geometry of periodic frameworks and its application to crystal chemistry. In collaboration with Professor Omar Yaghi of the University of California, Los Berkeley, a systematic enumeration of the principal three-periodic topologies has been undertaken, and the results exploited in the design of metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) formed my linking organic and inorganic molecular clusters into porous solids. We call this reticular chemistry. Work with Professor Mike Treacy of ASU has focused on the design of low density zeolites and the geometric constraints on such structures.

My teaching is mainly devoted to intensive short courses on reticular chemistry. Recent one week courses in P. R. China (3), S. Korea and Sweden have been taught together with Dr. Charlotte Bonneau (picture on the right) and most recently with others at CECAM in Switzerland, 2013.


"Minimal nets and minimal minimal surfaces," L. de Campo, O. Delgado-Friedrichs, S. T. Hyde, M. O'Keeffe, Acta Cryst. A in press (2013)

"Chemistry and applications of metal-organic frameworks," H. Furukawa, K. E. Cordova M. O'Keeffe, O. M. Yaghi, Science in press (2013)

"Low-density, low-energy DLS zeolite families. Calculated structures, energies and stabilities," C. J. Dawson, M. Pope, M. O'Keeffe, M. M. J. Treacy, Chem. Materials submitted (2013)

"Deconstructing the crystal structures of metal-organic frameworks and related materials into their underlying nets," M. O'Keeffe and O. M. Yaghi, Chemical reviews 112 675-702 (2012)

"Large pore apertures in a series of metal-organic frameworks," H. Deng, et al. [collaboration with U.C. Berkeley, Northwestern and KAIST (Korea)], Science 336 1018-1023 (2012)