Department of Chemistry Biochemistry

About us

Chemistry and biochemistry are central to many educational and technological initiatives in our modern society.  The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at Arizona State University offers advanced training for those who seek to best position themselves to take advantage of the rich diversity of career and mission opportunities in contemporary molecular science.

The department has grown dramatically recently, both in size and international stature.  Since 2002, the number of undergraduate majors has almost quadrupled and external research funding has almost tripled.

The department is now:

  • Ranked number six worldwide in high-impact publications in chemistry
  • In the top six for publications in Science and Nature
  • Among the top 25 U.S. Ph.D. institutions in chemical research spending
  • In the top ten in annual number of graduating chemistry/biochemistry majors

Our students are offered a wide range of research and learning experiences from the traditional areas through highly interdisciplinary and collaborative projects for which ASU is famous. Our faculty and students are tackling some of the most challenging molecular problems of today, combining theory, spectroscopy, structural analysis, synthesis, molecular biology and biogeochemistry to forge new fundamental understandings of the molecular world around us.  Such understanding is applied to the design and construction of new nanostructures, drugs, and materials for energy conversion and sustainability.

We encourage visitors to explore this website to learn about the department's approach to research and learning in contemporary molecular science.  We encourage ambitious and talented students to join us, to expand their research horizons, and take on the challenge of creating a molecular future for the 21st century.  

Dan Buttry, chair and professor
Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry
Arizona State University